Collectible Fashion Art Cardano NFTs

Series 1 Launches Saturday March 16 !

Holders of LOOKZ and SQUID tokens get a 10% discount !

Airdrop Incoming !

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LOOKZ Tokens Now Tradable !

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Fashion Animals

These beasts love expressing themselves through different styles
and hanging out with their favorite sidekicks.


Find the rarest WyldLookz !
Legendary characters, special sidekicks, and influencers.

Character Attributes

All WyldLookz have unique attributes.
Will your WyldLookz excel in Power, Influence, Confidence, or Style?

Metaverse Avatar Outfits and Accessories

Would you like to see outfits and accessories for your metaverse avatar?

Join our Discord and let us know what platform you are on and what you would like to see.

Earn Tokens

Get LOOKZ tokens at dripdropz.io or buy on Muesliswap.
More ways to earn and use LOOKZ coming.

Play WyldLookz Games

Play games with your WyldLookz and LOOKZ tokens !
would you like to sling witty barbs and sharp compliments in Fashion Trashin'.

Join our Discord and let us know what kinds of games you are interested in.


Meet some WyldLookz.


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  Type # %  
  All 10164 100%  
  Cool 8820 86.8%
  Special Sidekick 616 6.1%  
  Influencer 308 3.0%  
  Legendary 462 4.5%  
  Legendary and Special Sidekick 28 0.3%  
  Legendary Influencer 14 0.1%  


  Achieved Current Upcoming  
  ✓ LOOKZ Token Release. WyldLookz Series 1 Drops March 16 ! Metaverse Avatar Outfits and Accessories?
Fashion Trashin' Game?
More Ways To Earn LOOKZ?
More Ways To Play With WyldLookz?

WyldLookz Info

WyldLookz Policy ID: 7163a6c6690aaf57779f5879023fa7f3ebe7e65a202ad7bba0d501a3  

Lookz Tokens

Lookz tokens are now tradable on MuesliSwap !
Trade LOOKZ now!

Lookz Policy ID: aa2797739e4f4a1efd5346998febff59909e425b5fddb1b0ec4a24f8 

Max Supply: 10,000,000,000

Lookz tokens are being distributed by DripDropz. Claim your LOOKZ at dripdropz.io.



WyldLookz is brought to you by Shawn, Kaiya, and Andrea.
We are Cardano enthusiasts with knowledge and skills in software development, fashion, art, and design.
Shawn is a software architect and has run
Squid Pool since 2019 and authored multiple Cardano Improrement Proposals (CIPs).
Kaiya is a professional artist with a BFA in Animation.
Andrea is an experienced leader and entrepreneur.
Our plan is to evolve WyldLookz using Cardano's increasing capabilities to make them more fun and engaging.

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